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VIDEO - Record -> Compress -> Store - Dedicated ICs ??

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VIDEO - Record -> Compress -> Store - Dedicated ICs ??

Mensagempor edu. » 22 Fev 2012 07:46

Hello all.
I'm new here.

I'm starting a design where I need to record video (and optionally audio) using a small camera (no need of high quality record), convert them to a known format, like MPEG, AVI or other who require less disk space (mp4, flv etc). I need to store them to a microSD card, hard disk or another storage device (I think the microSd is the easiest way and more practical). The recorded videos will be watched on a PC when required, by removing the storage from the electronic device and connecting it to a PC.

My doubt is: Which dedicated ICs could be used to to the job of reading the camera frames (and maybe a mic), convert the camera frames to a known format (avi, mpeg etc) and store it as a movie file to the SDcard or hard disk???

An IC triggered by a microcontroler would be great. Or maybe a development board with all necessary components assembled (camera, mic, converter IC, microcontroller, microsd device and others). Somebody know a dev board who do that?

I'm searching for such ICs. I can buy all the necessary components for this project on DIGIKEY (preferentially), because every month I buy some components from them.


Preferentially, the dedicated IC will have IO pins to communicate with a microcontroller and could do the following:
- Interface with a camera and a MIC (optional)
- Convert the camera frames to a know video format (avi, mpeg, etc)
- Store video file in the microSD card or hard disk

The dedicated IC could be also substituted by a video encoder + video compressor, in separeted ICs.
I dont know which resolution will be required, maybe 640x480 or lower. 5 fps I think is enough for this design (higher fps rate is better for this project if possible).

Somebody have suggestions of dedicated ICs for this design?
Development boards to do that?
Or maybe some easier methods to implement this design?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: VIDEO - Record -> Compress -> Store - Dedicated IC

Mensagempor andre_teprom » 22 Fev 2012 09:39

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Mensagempor barboza » 22 Fev 2012 10:32

If you prefer a DEV board http://beagleboard.org/bone
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Mensagempor tcpipchip » 25 Fev 2012 11:37

are you sure that wants to design this module ? And do you want to use dedicated ic ?
Dont you want a hardware design ready and a guy to developted a application using LINUX ?
do you want to do a product to sell ?
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