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Mbed Linux OS

Software e Hardware para linha ARM

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Mbed Linux OS

Mensagempor pamv » 15 Out 2018 19:14


Mbed Linux OS
A free Linux distribution re-imagined for IoT
Arm Mbed Linux OS is a new, open-source embedded operating system designed specifically to help you create extraordinary "things" based on Arm Cortex-A microprocessors. For Cortex-M-based development, Mbed OS is Arm’s operating system of choice and offers developers all the necessary tools to build their IoT products.

Designed to help you easily create devices by enabling you to focus on adding value rather than building infrastructure, the Mbed Linux OS will provide everything you need to build secure and manageable connected products. Just add your skill and imagination and you’ll quickly be developing some amazing applications.
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Re: Mbed Linux OS

Mensagempor tcpipchip » 15 Out 2018 20:53

muito bom mesmo!
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Re: Mbed Linux OS

Mensagempor dreher » 16 Out 2018 10:25

Legal mesmo, vou dar uma estudada tambem
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Re: Mbed Linux OS

Mensagempor mrgadotti » 16 Out 2018 11:25

Bem legal! Também vou testar :D
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