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rf24boot: The NRF24L01 bootloader

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rf24boot: The NRF24L01 bootloader

Mensagempor pamv » 09 Set 2019 11:59

rf24boot: The NRF24L01 bootloader

nrf24l01 over-the-air bootloader for different microcontrollers

https://hackaday.io/project/1585-rf24bo ... bootloader

A universal bootloader that will upload any code or data to your microcontroller using nrf24l01 radio. This project is already ready for everyday use!
* Lightweight. Fits in 4KiB of AVR code without sacrificing portability
* Extensible: Easy to add user-defined partitions (e.g. for external memories)
* Portable: based on Antares: You can be easily build to support a wide range of microcontrollers, including stm32, msp430, pic32, etc.
* Configurable. Setup everything before building with 'make menuconfig', no messing with endless configuration.h spaghetty!
* Comes with a linux user-space tool for flashing your micros, a userspace library (in development) to work with the nrf24l01 USB dongle from any linux-based hardware (PC, OpenWRT router, raspberry, etc..)
* Modular: You can add your own adaptors to librf24 without hackery!
* Includes a super-lowcost reference design of a USBnrf24l01 dongle (atmega8 + vusb)
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Re: rf24boot: The NRF24L01 bootloader

Mensagempor tcpipchip » 09 Set 2019 14:36

rapaz, pega a serie NRF52
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