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Gmail to Office 365 migration software

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Gmail to Office 365 migration software

Mensagempor johnjorge » 21 Nov 2019 07:05

Due to numerous advantages of Office 365, most of the users looking for Gmail to Office 365 migration solution.

Microsoft will not offer any official method to migrate Gmail to Office 365 account. EdbMails Gmail to Office 365 migration tool allows you to directly migrate Gmail to Office 365 server. The tool is highly reliable and easy to use.


Features of Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tool

The software offers numerous advanced features to perform the migration operation flawlessly

The tool allows to migrate multiple gmail accounts supports to migrate emails to Office 365
Sets impersonation rights automatically to target Office 365 user
Maps mailboxes automatically between Gmail and Office 365 users
Creates mailboxes automatically in target Office 365 server and assigns the license
The tool supports Unicode characters for migration operation
Allows to apply Include / Exclude filter option to migrate only the specific mail items
1:1 migration from source Gmail account to target Office 365 account without any alteration
Standalone software , doesn’t require any intermediary apps for the migration operation
The tool directly migrates Gmail to Office 365 . It also provides a Free Trial Version for verifying all the features before purchasing the license . It offers 24*7 free tech support and software upgrades with no additional costs.

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